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 1.20 Change Log

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PostSubject: 1.20 Change Log   Sun Nov 02, 2008 2:31 am

1.20 Change Log

Altered Castle
Altered Mountain
Altered Swamp
Altered Forest
Altered Spawns
Added Dungeons
Added new Marsh Lands
Added House for Red and Black Wizards

Added 2 new models
Added 5 bosses
Added Chocobos

Fixed Gem Miner once and for all
Fixed Triforce description to include cooldown
Fixed holy/flare damage (does 2250 to target and 1750 aoe around it)
Fixed Blizzara damage (does 375 aoe)
Fixed Throw hotkey and description
Fixed Stop bug
Compressed Bank triggers
Compressed Hero triggers

Gem Miner grants experiance
Increased Creep Strength
Decreased Utsusemi to 2 clones, which do full damage & take 5 times damage.
Decreased Swap Skills cooldown to 0
Decreased Swap Skills cast time to 0
Decreased Frog duration to 15
Decreased Sleep duration to 8
Decreased Sleep cast time to 3
Decreased Sleep 2 duration to 10
Decreased Protect duration to 20
Decreased Protecta duration to 30
Decreased Cura cost to 150
Decreased Curaga cost to 350
Decreased Might armor bonus to 7
Decreased Stop duration to 15
Decreased Stop cast time to 4 seconds
Increased Stop hit chance to 40%
Increased Dark duration to infinite
Increased Silence duration to infinite
Increased Esuna cast time to 1
Increased Might cost to 400
Increased Quake aoe to 400
Increased Holy/Flare total damage to 2250
Removed Dia 3
Increased Gloves attack speed
Increased Daggers attack speed
Increased Daggers movement speed
Caused beds to remove conditions
Changed some of the hints given by the villagers
Changed Winged Boots to Artifact and gave evasion

Added Hexing Mod
Added Poison Mod
Added Silence Mod
Added Dark Mod
Added Ribbon
Added Cloak of Resistance
Added Radiant Pendant
Added Adrenaline Bracers
Added Resistant Padding
Added Potion of Health
Added Critical Strike to Swords
Added Critical Strike to Bows
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1.20 Change Log
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