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 Before you make a suggestion

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PostSubject: Before you make a suggestion   Fri Dec 11, 2009 7:45 pm

1: Ask yourself why is your suggestion important. Why should it be implemented into the game. Don't just tell people what you think should be done, but instead include any reasons why in your topic.

2: "It helps roleplay" is not a reason why something is important, for roleplay can be attained with nothing but imagination.

3: Use MS Word if you have bad English, or your text will be impossible to read.

4: Avoid making yourself stupid by thinking out a response to criticism of your idea. Think out every argument, for unlike real life you have a lot of time to respond.

5: Don't bother with a poll. They are completely worthless, for diaster is the only one that really has a say in anything.

6: Try to determine whether or not your suggestion is actually a bug or something needing to be balanced. Do not make a suggestion asking to nerf the monk, but rather post it in the balances section.

7: Try to avoid references to things nobody has ever heard of, wow, or anime.

8: Make sure noone else has suggested what you are suggesting unless the suggestion is in the archives, AND you are capable of bringing up a better argument then the person who suggested it first.

9: Give your topic a few hours before you actually post it. You want as much support as you can possibly acquire in your first post.

10: Things to avoid

  • Coloring your entire post. Coloring should only show where something starts, or things of great importance.

  • Skipping lines too much 6-7 line skips per argument looks very bad

  • Incredibly long posts. Most people here do not have the patience to read your novel on why something should be added.

  • Excessive smileys. They show that the topic writer probably spent 5 minutes making his topic

  • Words that may be hard to understand such as 1337 speak.

  • Incredibly short posts. Show you actually put some effort into your idea by making your post more than 3-5 lines

  • Repeating details over and over again.

  • Using the same argument when attempting to defend your idea against criticism

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Mina Valentin
Mina Valentin

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PostSubject: Re: Before you make a suggestion   Fri Dec 11, 2009 7:47 pm

Sticky, please.
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PostSubject: Re: Before you make a suggestion   Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:31 pm

more furniture for houses and all decorations should be way cheaper about 300-500g so you can have a better house. also all skill trainers should be within the city or a clear path to them is made w/o mobs so you don't have to do work to learn them. the thief class will become more combat capable but can still pick lock and mug and stuff and also be called a rouge. the triforce of power will now be all split like the wisdom, all the pieces will be put on well hidden level 8 bosses. also for certain types of legendary weapons like the bow or sword will be on level 15 bosses because paying 2,500g for the best bow in the game that's cheap. the tirforce of power will also be respawnable until all 3 have been collected and combined. and in the mansion ganon is no longer there but some wheres else and instead replaced with a banshee portal. a ghost is haunting the mansion and sends banshees/wraiths though the portal and 3 solders 2 archers and 2 mages all invulnerable will kill them and you can get exp from them up to level 5...the banshees will be level 1 with wraiths level 2 and everyone once in a while the boss herself comes out and is only level 5 and easy to kill drops nothing and can give exp any level.
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PostSubject: Re: Before you make a suggestion   Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:39 pm

Hur-Derr wrote:

Mod split this please? also you should probably organize your text so we are looking at a wall o text. Like maybe seperate them by numbers?

1. [Place suggestion here]
2. [Place next suggestion here]

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PostSubject: Re: Before you make a suggestion   

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Before you make a suggestion
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