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 1.25 Change Log

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PostSubject: 1.25 Change Log   Sun Feb 07, 2010 4:10 am

Removed old events
Added Priest Event
Added Cultist Event
Added Dark Troll Event
Added Casper Event
Added Banshee Event
Increased time between events to 10 minutes
Added boss conversations - allows players to decide to help the boss or not (details at the end of this post)
Changed exp to fly upward and fade
Turned on level up graphics

Move Black mage trainer
Move White mage trainer
Move Red mage trainer
Move Slayer trainer
Move Woodsman trainer
Move Ranger trainer
Move Death Knight trainer
Added Bard
Added Hall of Heroes
Increased bar Size
Removed magic shop
Added Flower Girl who has 5 types of flowers

Bug Fixes
Fixed Hydra armor drop
Fixed werewolf glitches
Removed text box glitch, but option 2 pay taxes won't appear.

King gains 75 gold every 5 seconds
King gains 3x taxes
Added Mage unit to kings troops
Kills by soldiers and mercenaries do not give experience
Increased the number of upgrades available to king
altered castle entrance so archers can guard door from above
Increased kings starting units

Added Friendship Ring
Added Heroes Bracers
Added Ectoplasm


Cultist/Death Knight:
Lowered Abyssal Blade cost to 80
Lowered Crushing Blow cost to 30
Increase Intelligence ratio for Strength of Spirit to 3:1

Lowered Hyoton: Fubuki cost to 20
Lowered Katon: Gokyaku cost to 20
Lowered Raiton: Rai Kou cost to 20
Lowered Shadow Step cost to 10
Lowered Smoke bomb cost to 10
Lowered Throw cost to 10
Increased Throw cool down to 5
Decreased Tonko cost to 10
Lowered Utusemi cost to 15

Lowered Climhazzard mana cost to 50
Decreased Throw Rock cost to 5
Increased stun to 2 seconds
Increased cool down to 10 seconds
Decreased Endure pains mana cost to 5
Lowered Guardian cost to 20
Lowered Slash cost to 15
Caused endure pain to give the full 300 health bonus, and remove 300 health upon ending (always leaves the user with 1 though.)

Black Belt/Monk:
Lowered Dragon Fist mana cost to 30
Lowered Low Kick mana cost to 20

Red Mage/RedWizard:
Lowered Haste mana cost to 20
Lowered Spell Enhance to 30

Increased barrage arrows fired to 6
Decreased barrage arrows damage
Decreased barrage mana cost


The New Event System
The new event system has changed how event in Fantasy Life will work forever. Now instead of just running up to the boss and beating them down, the player is allowed to interact with the bosses, and upon drawing close to them, will be given 3 responses they can give the boss. From these there are a positive response that will cause the players to ally the boss, and help them in their task, a neutral response that has varying reactions, boss to boss, and the negative response which will cause the boss often to attack the player. This means player will be able to help or hinder the bosses. The other change is the bosses aren't always evil, so, in the case of Casper you will be asked by a friendly little ghost to help him make some friends.

The new event system also works in tiers. In total there are 3 tiers in 1.25. The first tier consists of the Priest and the Cultist events, which the game will randomly choose between to run at 10 minutes in. The second tier event is the dark troll event which depending if the troll chieftain meets his goals will affect which event is next. Tier 3 is split into 2 sections, Tier 3a and Tier 3b. Tier 3a will randomly select one of its events should the Troll Chief meet his goals, and Tier 3b will run one of its events should he be unable to meet success. Tier 3a currently only has the Banshee event and Tier 3b has the Casper event. Currently the Tier 3 events are the final events in the game, though in future versions up to 5 tiers is planned.

The new events also have more interesting bosses, and will almost always require a team to beat them. Most of the bosses have fully custom abilities and are not afraid to use them, so I do advise you to be cautious when taking on these events. Details about the specifics in the event will also be displayed by the bard who is in the bar in town. You must simply click him to hear more about the event.

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1.25 Change Log
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