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 1.30b Change Log

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PostSubject: 1.30b Change Log   Wed Sep 07, 2011 12:29 am

Added 4 Archers to the castle towers
Replaced the archer guarding throne room with a soldier
Added a -debug command to spawn a new wisp if the last one didn't res your hero
Added an error message to show when your hero is in danger of glitching - hopefully will allow me to fix the bug in general
Reduced Ganon's hp to 10000, from 100000
Removed the tunnel into the crater, no more getting seph stuck on the walls
Heartless Angel now drains all mana, have your stuns ready
Sephiroth's attacks now can hit up to 2 nearby enemies
Changed Red Wizard's spell enhance ability to choose the higher of str or agi to add to the players attack
Lowered the number of creeps on the first floor of the lich dungeon, you now meet skeletons a bit further in

Fixed Troll tribe respawn
Fixed dragon soul
Fixed dragon heart passive regen
Fixed Mewtwo's clones not getting certain skills to work
Fixed the glitch were creeps respawning during cinematics are not paused
Removed glitch where dead bosses can talk to you

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1.30b Change Log
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