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 Fantasy Life 3DS just arrived!

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Fantasy Life 3DS just arrived! Empty
PostSubject: Fantasy Life 3DS just arrived!   Fantasy Life 3DS just arrived! EmptyThu Nov 13, 2014 3:07 pm

And I'm not really going to write anything else besides it looks really nice. *hits Send and opens game*

Edit: Well, I'm not too pleased finding out there's an expansion pack for $8.99. I *MIGHT* get it, but the 2 block size makes me wonder if I'm just buying content already in the game, or if it's just using new code to work with existing content.

The dragon suit code that I got in the pamphlet was:


Also it looks like more are on GameFAQs. I am thinking of starting over because my name is a bit annoying for looking the way I do. It's kinda fun, lots of areas to level up and customize things.

Edit 2: I got the expansion. This game got so good and I got tired of it taunting me to buy it, so I got it. Game got even better, but most of it can't be enjoyed until I am level 50. Sad

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Fantasy Life 3DS just arrived!
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