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 Warcraft 3 PTR update

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PostSubject: Warcraft 3 PTR update   Sat Feb 24, 2018 4:35 pm

Long time no see fellow FL enthusiasts!

This forum is dead for quite some time but yet still standing so I hope atleast some of you lurk around from time to time. Maybe you'll find a chance to board the ongoing hype train going in Wc3!

Not so long ago, after fifteen years of inaction Blizzard finally started to make moves towards Wc3 revival, making Public Test Realm and messing with new meele maps and balance changes.

But noone could expect the storm patch 1.29 would bring to the community, which confirms Blizzards serious intent towards Wc3 remake/remaster/whatever.
You can try it yourself: (keep in mind you will need valid cd-key to log into test realm)

I'll try to introduce you to most significant changes 1.29 patch of PTR in FL's context:

1. 24 Players

Yes, this is no joke. This is absolutely huge for any kind of map, probably many maps will require significant effort to allow them to adjust.
From FL's perspective, the map is pretty easily adaptable to this change. I successfully managed to port most of the features like equipment system. Class system and job system required no changes whatsoever.

2. Adjustable unit names
It has always been a thorn in the eye of any RP map to not be able to change unit name. Well, not anymore!


3. Adjustable item names

Well, not only names but descriptions aswell! This lets player to put any kind of data into item. Personalized weapons? No problem! Letters? Even less so! This one has huge potential for an RP map.


4. More native APIs exposed to the user

Original Wc3 imposes alot of restrictions on the map maker due to lack of proper calls.
These for example include get/set unit armor, get/set unit damage. Hence, you'll more often see spells based on str/agi/int attributes rather than damage. Some map makers went through tedious measures to be able to base skill off of damage. In this update, it's piece of cake. This also indicates that we may expect API to be extended with possibility to alter unit shoot range, base attribute, base attack speed (already there!) etc.


3. Unit pathing

It seems like unit pathfinding undergone a solid improvement. Everybody knows how unit groups clutch in freeze because they fail to properly find path as group (you will often see it in many tower defense maps). This is not the case anymore.

3. Mana bars

It's nice to have these implemented straight out rather than having some sophisticated systems for this purpose.


If there are still people who care, share your thoughts cat
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PostSubject: Re: Warcraft 3 PTR update   Tue Mar 13, 2018 7:47 am

This looks amazing. And the object limit is increased which I remember being one of the big issues for the map. Would be interested in playing the map again if we could get together a full game
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PostSubject: Re: Warcraft 3 PTR update   Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:46 am

Wow this is actually impressive. I'm not going to say for sure if this would bring me back to working on the map, however if blizzard is serious about this sort of thing and can improve their lobby system I will seriously consider returning. I've been working on a new game series (at my normal snail pace) and a return of WC3 would be the best news for it I could think of.

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PostSubject: Re: Warcraft 3 PTR update   

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Warcraft 3 PTR update
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