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 Fantasy Life v2.9.1

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Fantasy Life v2.9.1 Empty
PostSubject: Fantasy Life v2.9.1   Fantasy Life v2.9.1 EmptyThu Jul 12, 2018 5:32 am

The map is based on version 1.40. There were versions from 2.0 up to this one but they aren't important anymore.

Summary of the updates from V2.0 up to V2.9.1:

1- Map fixed and working now.
2- Removed most of the naga monsters in their tunnel to allow editing the map.
3- Added a Male Dwarf and a Male Goblin along with their weapon skins.
4-Teleportations fixed.
5- Heavily reduced the bank interest.
6- 3 new soundtracks.
7- Added an upgrade to the officers.
8- 2 Game Modes.
9- Disabled the Cash To Exp function.
10- Added a female Night Elf race.
11- Added a special item with a new skin for every race.
12- RP Mode disables pokemon.
13- Added a warlock staff.
14- New PvP circles in the colliseum.
15- More fixes.
16- Third mode.
17- (-suicide) command.
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Fantasy Life v2.9.1
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