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 Fantasy Life v3.1a

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PostSubject: Fantasy Life v3.1a   Fantasy Life v3.1a EmptyThu Jul 12, 2018 6:21 am

Continuing in the path of success, until Blizzard released 1.29, and most textures became broken.

- Added lobby music
1- Reworked the fame system (again). Solved the farms' bug. You can now gain fame by being very rich as well.
2- New training area, and moved some NPCs.
3- New job (Vampire hunter).
4- New kind of creeps (Vampires).
5- A new kind of dummy.
6- 2 New events
7- Removed the ability to choose a social class at the taverns. Only way to get a social class is by completing their requirements.
8- Fixed a large amount of leaks.
9- Many fixes.
10- Added a roll system. (-roll)
11- All jobs give double exp, except miner.
12- Decreased the money lost in taxes.
13- Masamune is now usable by all races and genders.
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Fantasy Life v3.1a
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