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 Units ,events and maybe the tax system ?

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Units ,events and maybe the tax system ? Empty
PostSubject: Units ,events and maybe the tax system ?   Units ,events and maybe the tax system ? EmptyMon Jul 23, 2018 8:47 pm

other then the bandits that turn to unkown forces the jungle trolls and wolves(not sure about the jungle) the hagravens and murlocs flans and one eyed creatures resurrect as another faction that give no gold or xp (yes not even the +0 text appears ) as for the tax system i had 7k gold run out pretty fast for me when it was only at 10% . ( i have a replay for this stuff which i don't know how to post so do tell me here and ill post it )

Now for the stuff that i found playing single player the murlocs / naga in the dungeon lots of them are no longer there maybe and they don't even revive what so ever now am pretty sure most of these bugs apply only to the patch 1.29 with the new factions as well as player increase .

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Units ,events and maybe the tax system ?
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