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 1.22 b1 Change log

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PostSubject: 1.22 b1 Change log   Sat Feb 07, 2009 11:17 pm

1.22 Change Log

New Content

  • Added Dragoon
  • Added Death Knight
  • Added Ensnare to Ranger
  • Created another entrance to the mountains

Removed Content

  • Removed open/close house commands
  • Removed swapping between the same class of skills
  • Removed silver saber


  • Swapped NulAll for Vipers Pit for Rangers
  • Swapped Quake for Double Cast for Red Wizard
  • Swapped Sleep for Smoke Bomb for Ninja
  • Removed fira, thundara, and blizzara from Red Mage
  • Altered Precisionís chance to be affected by the heroes agility.
  • Altered many abilities to do damage based on the heroes stats.
  • Altered all offensive black magic spell to 450 range
  • Increased base health by 50
  • Buffed Werewolf
  • Lowered Dragon Combo damage to 800
  • Lowered Invisible cast time to 2 seconds
  • Lowered Reflexes to give 3 agility
  • Lowered Endurance to give 4 strength
  • Lowered Honed Skills to give 5 agility and strength
  • Lowered Stunning Fists Damage to add 20
  • Weakened ranged creeps
  • Weakened Triforce Pieceís attribute bonuses
  • Weakened Counter
  • Changed Tame to summon 1 bear

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Altered resurrection to be 6 seconds if a house is owned
  • Altered housing system
  • Allowed house deed to revive hero
  • Made Coliseum gate un-pickable
  • Made Dragon Combo deal hero damage
  • Made Haste decrease spell cast time
  • Made agility to armor ratio 1:2
  • Made bank interest rate 12% every tax
  • Made anti-cheat triggers harder to glitch
  • Made crown only affected by heroes
  • Readjusted creeps by their level
  • Caused leaving to remove all mercenaries


  • Fixed Coliseum
  • Fixed bank glitch
  • Fixed Moblin spawn glitch
  • Fixed Invincibility glitch
  • Fixed Swap for monk and ranger
  • Fixed leather armor upgrade
  • Fixed robbing the bank
  • Removed map hack exploit
  • Cleaned many leaks and compressed equipment system

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1.22 b1 Change log
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