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 Fantasy Life v3.2a

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PostSubject: Fantasy Life v3.2a   Fantasy Life v3.2a EmptyFri Oct 19, 2018 6:58 am

This version is the first to expand the map and add complex bosses and systems.

1) Terrain textures changed. The new set of textures will give the map a fresh look!
2) Map extended from the bottom, creating a huge area.
3) A new area for end-game mobs, with new mobs, new bosses and an environment that is yet to be the hardest challenge players could ever face. (Need at least 4 players to have a chance.)
4) A new town with a different look, that is only accessible by sea. Contains new jobs, new mercenaries and a new RP item. (The closed place inside it is still under development.)
5) Major system added: Quest Board. From the quest board you can get various missions, like Assassinate (your job is to kill a target), Protect (your job is to defend a target), Deliver (your job is to deliver an item from a place to another), and Locate (your job is to solve the riddles and follow the leads till you reach the requirement). Those can be done along with your main job, and the pay for each mission depends on it's difficulty.(edited)
6) New jobs, including: Escort VIP; your job is to escort a random target in a random place and protect him till he reaches the castle. Escort Wine Convoy; your job is to take the convoy to the bar in the town with as much health as possible. Along with making most jobs give happiness to the kingdom.
7) New Class: Ice Mage/Wizard: Relies on his companion which can mimic his abilities. Has high AoE and CC.
Cool The first exceptional new class: Druid. Relies on his ability to shapeshift into 3 different forms, to fit different situations. His real powers appear on choosing a specialization, which can improve either his Bear form (Bear Master), Wolf form (Wolf Master), or his magical powers (Still in development). Each specialization depends on a different stat, has different mechanics and playstyles.
9) New mob: Demonic Warrior. Immune to most abilities.
10) New mobs: Elite Skeleton Warriors and Elite Skeleton Archers. Immune to normal attacks.
11) New boss: Zulghar the Destroyer. An extremely powerful boss that excels in destroying melee heroes. His high armor makes it difficult for players who depend on normal attacks (like dragoon).
12) New boss: The Mystical Knight. An exceptional boss that is unmatched in his abilities. Excels in destroying mages and summoning powerful minions to kill his foes.
13) Two new samurai mercenaries.
14) A new RP item with a special skin.
15) New: Harbor and boats.
16) Added a slight cooldown on getting the skillsets after changing weapons.
17) New models for Human Male, Human Female, and villagers.
18) The Nagas have returned to their cave after visiting their grandparents. You can now meet them again and drink tea together, maybe.
19) Female Orc is now available once again for picking.
20) Made 2 new commands to be able to give control of the Embassy or the Port to a player.
21) Vampires will spawn after 10 mins of the start of the game.
22) Slightly buffed Ranger and Woodsman. Nerfed Black Wizard.
23) Increased the maximum level to 25, and decreased the maximum level a player can get using host cheats to 10.
24) Fixed the old bug causing Female Orc and Female Human Special Item skins ability to delete the other hero's abilities.
25) Fixed an issue causing White Wizard to not be obtainable.
26) Fixed an issue causing mobs to not respawn when killed.16) Added a slight cooldown on getting the skillsets after changing weapons.(edited)
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Fantasy Life v3.2a
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